We’re Off!

Sadly I got so crunched in my crunch time, I never posted this!  I am headed out in mere minutes, waiting for my brother to show up so we can hit the road!!
Well I am pretty much past crunch time and into pure excitement and joy mode now with SDCC 2016 in days!!! How can I be expected to focus at work, maintain my home, take care of my dog, and make it to the gym? I have Pokemon, to catch and shows to watch and a custom Funko project to finish!! Ok so I guess I’m still slightly in crunch mode  but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is the glorious sun shinning down on the Gaslamp district in San Diego.
I am so excited to share my adventures with the world!! It seems each year I’ve attended SDCC, some sort of theme emerges during or is realized after returning home.  This year will be the year of Funko for me. I know this already as I will be attending Funko Fundays and my crew and I have managed to secure Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday tickets to the Conan O’Brien show! I am also entering the Funko custom event and I’m really happy with how it’s turning out!  I’ll be sure to reveal all the details soon but for now it’ll be a surprise.
The next 72 hours will have almost every minute accounted for.  Packing, planning, last minute Target runs for deodorant (a serious must for SDCC) will consume my life now.  All of the anxiety and stress felt in these moments are now totally mixed with sheer joy and excitement wondering what I’ll see first as we turn onto Fifth Ave and drive toward the convention center, or who I might bump into, will I score that exclusive I’m so desperate to have? Just typing this puts a smile on my face and I’m transported to nerd mecca and the energy that buzzes around fills my robot heart.
Ok, gotta stay focused…back to reality. Fortunately because I’m probably slightly OCD, I’ve been budgeting and planning for this trip literally a month after last years SDCC.  Excel, Google Docs, and Evernote are my friends.  I already have my list what I need to pack, snacks I need to buy, and everything else I still need to do before I go.  I’ve been eating rice and beans for the past few months so my budget looks great…exclusives here I come!  And I’ve got my days listed out with options for everything that’s happening each day.  While some people might say this takes the fun out of it, I’ve learned if you don’t have a loose game plan and a few options of what to do each day, things can get missed or you end up missing out on something awesome!  Inevitably no matter how much research and planning you do, you will miss something. And that’s ok!  If I’ve learned anything from my control issues in conjunction with Con, it’s best to just hang on and enjoy the ride as often as possible.
This will be my last pre-Con post…I have to give my dog a bath and finish my project! But please check back for all of my after Con goodness. So here is to sore feet, no sleep, and spending insane amounts of money on toys!

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