In exactly 4 weeks, SDCC 2016 will commence, opening its doors for Preview Night! In honor of this joyous occasion, I wanted to share with you all some of my epic SDCC fails over the years.  The pure joy, excitement, and adrenaline rush mixed with sheer exhaustion, disappointment, and living off of hot dogs can cause anyone to have a few failures and “DOH!” moments during the course of the event and I am certainly no exception.

One of my all-time favorite SDCC years had to be my first.  This was around the time badges became difficult to get and you had to be quick on the draw.  I was fortunate enough to get all 4 days plus preview night which was a great start, and even scored The Omni Hotel.  This was also the first year of “The Walking Dead Escape” at Petco Park which is a story for another time.  Needless to say, I was pumped.  Walking into the convention center floor on PN for the first time is something I will never forget.  Heart pounding, Kool-Aid smile plastered on my face, my brother by my side…I had arrived at Nerd-vana! The rest of the seasoned veteran crew was set to arrive the next day ready for the four of us to tackle SDCC head on and leave with as many exclusives, and “you’ll-never-believe-what-happened-at-SDCC” experiences as possible.  Everything seemed to go right that year, all of the SDCC stars aligned and with every new morning came a new adventure.  That is until the biggest “you’ll-never-believe…” moment happened…or did it?!  As the 4 of us were walking out of the Omni on the way to dinner, one of my partners in crime looked into the hotel and noticed someone familiar moving fairly quickly through the lobby…him, ”Hey there’s Dexter!” (Michael Hall) The rest of us stopped in our tracks and did an immediate 180, rushing back into the lobby, completely drunk in star-struckeness.  Trying to be polite, I asked if he would please take a photo with me and my brother.  He agreed and I was like… “Ermahgerd! I’m getting a picture with Dexter!!”  As my brother and I stood there with Michael, my overly excited friend took what would turn out to be known as the “did you reeeaaallly get a picture with Dexter” picture.Dexter Pic


Alas, one of our biggest bragging moments was totally blurred!  I assume in his excitement my buddy just couldn’t keep his hands steady, and probably trying to respect Mr. Hall’s time by hurrying, we ended up with what you see here today.  #SDCCFail

There was also the time, many many years ago when SDCC was not quite what it was today. Where stars roamed free and free swag was more than just your typical light up button.   My seasoned veteran SDCC friend found himself walking around the convention center floor enjoying all that is SDCC when he happened across…Mr. Stan Lee himself, totally alone standing next to one of the booths!  He was only about 15 feet away, wondering whether or not to approach Stan, contemplating what he would say, which character to talk about, considering if it would be best just to leave him be to enjoy the Con.  And then, as quickly as Stan had appeared, he was gone…like a unicorn, never to be seen for free again.  To this day he still questions his decision so I count it as a #SDCCFail and a reminder to go with your gut!

More recently, last year to be exact, the crew and I were making a pit stop at our hotel room after a long day of walking the floor and other random SDCC shenanigans.   We were staying at the Manchester Grand and headed over to the elevators when we saw a small crowd of people surrounding someone!  It turned out to be…Wil Wheaton!

For those of you who have never watched Family Guy, this next part won’t make as much sense so please take a moment to watch the following clips.

Ok so now that you’ve got the basics…there we were in a small crowd of people watching Wil get into an elevator with his entourage.  I decided I would be the cool kid and say something clever to get his attention and also maybe just make is day.  So in my exhausted excited SDCC state of mind, in my best Stewie voice I yelled…”Hey Wil, want some H-wipped Cream?!” Sadly, not only did I shout this once, but three times in between each time, Wil replying…”you mean Cool H-wip?” While this was most certainly not cool kid clever, I’m pretty sure I made him laugh and if not him, my crew and people around me sure were!  Mr. Wheaton, if you ever read this, please know the shame I bare and the ridicule I still receive from my friends. #SDCCFail

While I am typically the one of the biggest planners when it comes to pretty much anything, I can tell you that SDCC is teaching me that there are some things you just can’t prepare for no matter what. I’m learning to embrace these “failures” and now have some pretty funny memories and stories because of them. I hope to have more of them for you all after this year and would enjoy hearing some of yours!

So what is your biggest #SDCCFail?


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