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*cough cough

My apologies for the week long delay in my update from SDCC 2016.  I managed to bring home more than exclusives and photos this year and sadly also brought back the Comic-Con-CRUD! Note to self for next year…Airborne!!

I am finally feeling slightly more human and getting back into the swing of things after a wonderful time in San Diego.  This year I managed to attend 3 Conan O’Brian shows, Funko Fundays, Nerd HQ, a Nat-Geo party, and got shut out hardcore from the Fandom part at the Hard Rock…(VIP Only..thank you!)  As I’ve mentioned, each Con has it’s own rhythm and this year was no exception.  Sadly I spent less time on the CC floor than any other Con and I seriously feel like I missed out on SO much!   Not that my experiences outside weren’t a lot of fun and memorable, but I am a convention center floor girl at heart and love the thrill of the hunt for my exclusives and random moments.  Averaging about 4 hours a day on the floor left me feeling like I must have missed out on something but I have too many great experiences to dwell on it too much.

For instance…there was that time I bumped into Danny Pudi getting my coffee…
It’s Lorin & Abed in the moooooooorning!

Danny Pudi

Seriously such a great guy and totally enjoyed meeting him!  If I had been in my normal “floor mode” I can assure you I would have been outside in line waiting to get into the CC and not getting coffee which means I would have missed out!

While I consider standing outside the CC…in a line…waiting to hopefully get a ticket…which tells me I miiiight have a chance to purchase something..part of my regular routine,  I will say it was tougher this year since all I wanted to do was be inside.  While waiting in said line (Lego) I was fortunate to snag a quick second with this guy!

Rob Liefeld








While Rob Liefeld may not be Ryan Reynolds…we can all thank him for his creativity, inspiration, and passion that allowed us to now have not only an amazing hilarious character…but also Ryan Reynolds in spandex.  And all the ladies said…AMEN!!  (side note, total #SDCCFail moment, I had my nails painted as Deadpool this year and didn’t even show them to him!)  Sadly I also missed out on getting a ticket that may have let me win the privilege of purchasing something but Rob and the people watching made it a great moment regardless!

One of my other favorite moments would have to be after Funko Fundays.  Ok well before, during, and after Funko Fundays cuz that night was off the hook!  I decided to enter their custom contest which was a little intimidating but I really enjoy arts and crafts time and thought it was a great excuse to go to Michael’s so I jumped in head first and here was my end result….

Infinity FreddyIMG_4914 IMG_4915








While I didn’t win a “prize” I will say that the complements I received walking too and from the event made me feel like a million bucks!  I worked hard and felt so proud of what I was able to accomplish in a fairly short amount of time and hope to have the chance to do it again next year!

(for more pics of the entire process and how I made it, link coming soon)



So that was more of the before and during Fundays…I’m not sure what I’m allowed to divulge about what happens there, I think it’s like Fight Club or something, but I can say I totally lost my voice from hooting and hollering for hours, sore cheeks from smiling so much, and I’ve never experienced a company that does more for it’s fans and patrons than I did that night.  Thank you Funko!

Coming off of the adrenaline high from the night, we decided it would be best to sit in the hotel lobby and people watch.  This turned out to be a wonderful idea because around 1:00am, my 14 year old self got to come out and meet Ian Ziering!!


I gotta say, I was exhausted but being a die heard 90210 fan back in the day, I was blushing/crushing hard core!!  How embarrassing!!

Our seats for the Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday Conan shows changed drastically from day to day!  Since ticket pickup opened at 9am, if you wanted good seats you had to line up early!  Some days we did good, other days not so much, but getting to be there and experience the show was a lot of fun!

IMG_4867IMG_4937 Wednesday Night

Silicon Valley crew

Thursday Night

The Flash, Green Arrow, & Supergirl

Weird Al Yankovic

Friday Night

Cast of Suicide Squad

I was also fortunate enough to get to bump into these guys during my coming and going this year. Nolan Gould was just hanging around on Wednesday afternoon at our hotel and seemed so relaxed and comfortable. On our way out on Sunday we ran into Nathan Fillion who has to be one of the most polite celebrities I’ve ever met!


In all of my rushing around outside the CC floor, I still managed to get some good blisters and very sore piggies when all was said and done.  I almost got eaten by a zombie, grinned ear to ear while watching basically the entire cast of The Walking Dead signing autographs on the floor.  I tried to figure out a way to sneak this giant Harley Quinn pop out and home with me but decided SDCC jail just wasn’t for me.  I got to catch up with my good friends at MunkyKing and meet some new people who were a big help,(thank you Squidward!).  I managed to snag a beautiful piece of vinyl from Rotofugi that I will treasure forever, and of course…I had a floor dog. (convention center hotdog).
IMG_4945 IMG_4871















While this year may not have been what I expected it to be, I can’t say that I would change much even if I could go back now.  Ok maybe the floor dog, but overall I’d put this trip in the success category and can’t wait to see what next year has in store!


Here were a couple of my awesome winners from my giveaway this year at SDCC2016!!

Looking forward to next year and thanks for playing along!!

IMG_4890 IMG_4946








6/28/16-Ok boys and girls…here is the second teaser photo for my scavenger hunt giveaway during SDCC 2016!  Be sure to follow me on Twitter @nerdfulthingz to be eligible to win, and for updates on my whereabouts during the event!  Giveaway


6/13/2016 – It’s official!  I will be having a scavenger hunt during Thursday, Friday, & Saturday at SDCC this year!  I’ll be on the floor each day with a swag bag full of fun goodies for you to enjoy and all you’ll have to do is find me! Follow me on Twitter @nerdfulthingz for more teaser photos before the event.  Each day I’ll tweet a picture of what I’m wearing and the spots I plan to visit on the Con Floor.  When you find me and answer a simple trivia question relating to your prize…you WIN!

I hope you’re as excited about it as I am!



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