I love the smell of vinyl

While I do own and use a record player, vinyl records are not the topic of this post. I am a collector of urban vinyl which is what this post is dedicated to.  While some people see this type of art as “toys”, for me, the pieces I have are beautiful artistic sculptures with a story attached to every figure I own. Yes, at first glance you may think…”toys”…but have you ever seen a “toy” look as beautiful as this?!


Ok so they may have some toy-like-features but just like traditional art, these pieces begin as an idea that is put onto paper and are then brought to life into something you can hold and touch and display.  For me, this type of art speaks to me, and each piece I have holds a story, they are unique as they are beautiful.  Typically these pieces are limited to a few hundred ever made and belong to people all over the world.

Luke Chueh
Some of my most choice artists would have to include Coarse Toys, Kathie Olivas, Luke Chueh, Yoskay Yamamoto, Ashley Wood, Tara McPherson, Amanda Visell, and Kaws.  Sadly Kaws no longer creates vinyl art but his gallery prints and artwork are simply stellar.  Each artist has such a unique style and allows their work to have a presence in our world and a piece of shelf space in my living room.


While jumping head first into this world of vinyl may seem intimidating, there are plenty of ways to dip your toe in the shallow end.  I myself started like most people do…with Kidrobot’s Dunny’s! These little guys are addictive!  If you’re a collector, a completest, or a little OCD, I must warn you…this is not for the dabbler.  Sets of the most adorable 3 inches wrapped in blind boxes and foil with top artists and chase versions…it’s easy to get caught up with those alone and while I haven’t bought a Dunny in about a year, I can proudly say I still own oodles of them and still think they’re delightful!


After the Dunny game, I quickly advanced into some of the larger 8″ Dunny’s and then jumped off the deep end by purchasing the Milky Paw by Coarse.  Now I feel I must warn you again…the vinyl game is not really for the sentimental and it’s important to know that buying, selling, and trading are all a big part of this for a lot of people.  Sadly, the Milky Paw was something I parted with years down the road in order to help finance the purchase of other pieces.  I can’t say I don’t regret it from time to time but I think I just miss it.  I guess it’s important to remember that these are pieces of art and not Pokemon…you just can’t catch them all!
kaws sorayama

While this may not be new to some of you, I hope there are some of you that have had their curiosity piqued.  I would love to encourage you to step out of your norm and maybe try something new!

Also if you want to watch me geek out, you can watch my first Unboxing video here!

Side note, for those of you in the Chicago area, this Saturday night Rotofugi will be hosting an exhibition for Coarse Toys who will be releasing 2 new exclusive figures and some other awesome goodies!  Even if you’re not buying Rotofugi is a beautiful store and the owners/staff are people worth knowing.  If you can make it, I would highly recommend it…and I will be super jealous!!!
You can find all the info HERE!

Color station


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