Fundays Custom Has Commenced

No matter how many DIY projects I’ve done…too many to count at this point…starting any new project is a mixture of “oh my gosh this is going to be awesome, wait this is going to be terrible, what the heck have I gotten myself into, I’m so glad I’m doing’s going to be awesome!!” all rolled into one.  This is very much the case with my recent endeavor.

Last week Funko announced that they will be hosting a custom contest at their Fundays event during SDCC this year.  This being my first Fundays event, I figured I should jump in with both feed and give it a go.  While I’m not at liberty to divulge exactly what I’m doing at this time, I can show you what my work station looks like and my adventures using an airbrush for the first time!

Any guesses on what it’ll be? 🙂

DIY Workstation

In the past I’ve done some custom work with Munny figures, painting on canvas or my walls, and some ModPodge.  I’ve always used acrylic paints or spray paint and a paintbrush.  Each time I’ve taken on any project, I feel like my latest was better than the one before and this one is no exception.  I’m a big fan of research mixed with a bit of “Ima go for it and see what happens” in the beginning and I feel it serves me well.  I’m really liking the airbrush and I’m already looking forward to my next ideas that will allow me to use it.  My Fundays piece is coming along great and I’ll be sure add pictures of it’s progress after SDCC along with some of my processes but for now I gotta keep this puppy under wraps…it is a contest after all!

Some tips I can offer any DIY’er that have served me well would be:

  1. Always Prime Your Piece!
    • The first Munny I made almost 8 years ago is STILL sticky because I didn’t use primer.  Everything I’ve made since then always gets 2 coats.
  2. Prep Work & Planning
    • It’s super easy to get excited and just start going, but in many cases I’ve had to pause or stop at the worst possible time because I didn’t have exactly what I needed.  Getting the majority of the supplies needed ahead of time and having a good game plan has helped my projects go faster and smoother and much more enjoyable during the process.
  3. Track Your Progress
    • Have you ever made something for dinner you just “threw together” and it turned out amazing but you don’t remember exactly what you used or how much?  Some projects can be like that so it’s helpful to take photos or in some cases make notes of things you did that worked or didn’t work for the next time.

So best of luck to all of you currently working on something,  i can’t wait to finish this and show it off!  Feel free to pass along any advice in the comments below!

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